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tv   [untitled]    October 25, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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francisco zoo and to ocean beach. it is close to two legs that offer a variety of activities. this is one of the most rapidly growing areas of the city and there are few food service opportunity is in the immediate vicinity. this is a rendering of the buildings. the upper level contains a bar, meeting areas, kitchens, and restrooms. the main entrance to the boat houses actually on the second- floor. this has a wraparound deck and a
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panoramic view of the lake. the first floor is accessible only around the back of the building. the first floor is not part of the proposed lease. you have several objectives. the first is to offer an interesting menu that is quality and affordable. the second is to provide an aesthetically pleasing facility. we would like a design that takes a advantage of the views and also the synergies of the park and the lake. we also would like the signs to be sensitive to the panoramic setting. we would like antiestablishment and maintenance of this
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facility. we would like to avoid conflict with the natural environment especially with respect to sound and lighting in the area that is amplified. we would like for there to be coordination with puc. our rent will be paid monthly. the minimum guarantee is $100,000. we've like to offer a 10-year term. we are requesting a minimum of five years. we would like a security deposit of two months' rent. the operator and is to abide by all standards.
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we also posted a note that the facility. approximately 3500 people attended. we have support from the california dragon boat association, the public utilities commission. if you approve the issuance, the proposal that line would be fit your report. we would consider -- the
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proposal deadline would be february 4th. how >> in that day when i worked out there, and we would go to lunch and then there was a bar. but would this be considered? >> there would be a bar. >> there is an existing license? >> i imagine that the operator would have to have a new license. >> have we had a lot of
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inquiries from potential users? >> i would say there are about five different groups that the stake holders meetings. >> is this safe to say that they are all restaurant users? >> yes. >> we are encouraging respondents to think about the recreational activities. >> i noticed that you notice them and i actually went out there and rode with the team and look at all of the facilities, the next question i would have is that there might be some rehabilitation required. i have wondered about questions
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with the potential bidders. >> does that have anything to do with the applicant? >> absolutely. that is why there is quite a few extensions. >> it occurred to me that there might be multiple uses and i don't want to get into specific ones but is this something that could be accommodated? >> that would be in the rfp itself. the previous boat house when it operated, the previous operator when it operator, it did not have a restaurant. have you done an analysis that
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there will be any impact at all in terms of having two restaurants in close proximity to each other. >> it is strong and the market will support this. >> they did stock the lake for fishing. will that be part of this as well? >> i believe that they still do stock the lake. >> do people go there and fish? >> yes. >> it is possible as someone could propose and incorporate that. >> this is catch and release out
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there. >> yes. i did not have an opportunity to read all of the information but my question is in terms of the recommendation of the winning bid, is there a panel? who will be your review committee and how will that process -- all have a selection committee includes stakeholders. >> are you taylor making this?
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>> they are different for each and we have the appropriate individuals involved in reading the proposals and to making recommendations. >> is to any public comment? >> i am a native san franciscan and this is important to me. i've seen this go a few times. what i wanted to talk about is what we do about the east lake?
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but bodman is there included in the proposal, as -- is there included in the proposal, but boat rentals in the east lake? we went out there and we spent a few hours out there. i don't know what will be happening. >> is there any other public comment? public comment is closed. >> entertain a motion. >> so moved.
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this is unanimous. >> we are on item number 12, the golden gate park tennis complex pro shop, food and beverage concessions, tennis lessons, request for proposals. >> i would like to present the you the request for proposals add to the golden gate park tennis complex. the complex provides the public with course. these are the only courts where the public pays a small fee to reserve time. we wish to enhance the recreational experience by extending the quality of the amenities offered and the only way to do so as to implement a pro shop and increase the
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quality. for over 30 years, we have offered lessons. the lessons have taken place is at four of the 21 courts. this proposal would continue that operation. they would be offered at four of the 21 courts. the 17 will be reserved for the public. group lessons will continue to be permitted to. we will also have the youth program. right now, we don't have an operational pro shop or offer any concessions. we are requiring that the pro shop offers services like tennis racket rental and three stringing and regrouping. we would also like to have other
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tennis-related items. the food and beverage concession should include drinks, food, water. we would suggest to the vendors that they provide things like coffee, fruit, pastries, healthy snacks. the rent will be paid as a percentage of gross revenue. we are asking for the proposal to have a minimal guarantee. there was a meeting on october 9th and. we sent notice to 600 individuals.
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we posted notice of the meeting at the facility. we made announcements to the mayor's office as well as our -- we contacted all of the organizations which are listed on the screen to tell them about this meeting. we will continue the following process. we will put supporting materials on the part department web site.
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we have received the support of the after work tennis club, the golden gate park tennis club, the complex staff, members of the public to attended a community meeting. upon approval and successful negotiations, we will come back with a offenders selection. if this is approved, we will issue it to mark. our deadline is on december 3rd. we will bring back the selected respondents in january and we would love for the permit to commenced in time for spring tennis. >> thank you very much.
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>> i am curious and what i am curious about is that up until the time that we had this meeting, as we over the years, had we received e-mail communications or letters or that stakeholders who are saying that this is a real need that the parks and recreation should be meeting. is this another revenue idea? can you give me an idea on how we have put to this.
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>> we have a treasured recreation and park department employee u.s. been part of the facility for 30 years. he is a wonderful person. he cannot sell them any equipment. this is the most frustrating thing for him not to provide a better experience for those at the park and he is thrilled that we are issuing this. and number of other tennis
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entities, the youth tennis organization that provides services for youth who are at risk. it is wonderful that we are bringing more services. this is truly a complex that can be used. >> this is a decrepit space. i think that the tennis community is very excited to have this activated. this is no different than having a baseball diamond or any kind of field. >> we resurfaced four for mclaren. >> we have been in
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conversations about and more extensive report. >> i have gone out to those tennis courts. many years ago, i used to watch all of the prominent tennis players from our community. i think that this does the work but i just want to make sure that we had clients. >> this is truly driven by staff and users. >> is there any public comment on this item? public comments is closed. >> to we have a motion? all those in favor.
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this is unanimous. thank you. >> this is item 13. the harding park golf course. >> we are here to talk about to discussion and possible action. the commission approved a management agreement for the management and operation of the clubhouse and the non clubhouse operations. both parties are obligated to negotiate the branding to be presented to the commission. the proposed designs are intended to reach what the local clientele is familiar with while at the same time providing a
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platform for an energized international marketing shoji, one that takes advantage -- marketing strategy, one that takes advantage of the brand. >> we did make the transition and everyone lives. we want to address the logo and printing. one of the primary points of this proposal was the licensing which was a huge financial benefit to our department. normally they sell them for several thousand dollars a year. that is their proposal to us. in order to be able to take full advantage of that, we must join
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their format for the national advertising. it is really important to us that we retained the classic look of harding. i will say thanks to the tour, they have shown that they are great partners and the fact that they heard that and they have worked with us to achieve that. they have reprinted the whole course. the course did not have much input. they were very very responsive to our needs. jody will go into the details. i wanted to point out that our
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website which is currently the turning upside was developed during the regime. anytime that you may be in north carolina and click on harding park, this will direct you to our website. this will begin to take it advantage of all of the players across the country that will recognize the brand for our golf course. as you know, we are mandated to retain 50% of play. among other things, keeping the local rate at a reasonable level. >> how far do we have to go to
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get to 50%? >> well, this is kind of a rolling track. i think that we are like in the low 40's. different times of the year is different. tapping into the national advertising ability when, more immediately will allow people to know that the weather is great in san francisco. very often january, said yuri, there's some great weather for playing golf. one last thing, i think locally we feel that harding is a total success. this is because of the duty of the course and the success of the american express
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championship. like anything, there's international advertising and we need to sustain that. sometimes there is a peak and then we don't have anything on a national scale. that is why we think this campaign will be important for us to move forward. >> let me ask commissioner martin to give his opinion. >> i started going out there in 1970. this is more beautiful than it was before. that is really something. >> thank you, commissioners.
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i'm joined by the director and we are lucky enough that he joined us. we try to preserve the heritage of the property. we know that there is a long heritage of golf that has been played since 1925. we really wanted to preserve that. a second really talks about that we wanted to incorporate the
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license. after a tournament happens, we can weave this throughout our advertising campaigns. the way to do this is to associate the brand with harding park. more importantly, we want to make sure that the heritage of the brand is never lost. we will continue to refer to harding park as harding park. this will not change. the property logo will be similar to the existing. we are introducing this at the same time as a logo for fleming. the inspiration came from the
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recreation and parks signs that we see all through town. my first time, i saw the fleming and i said that this ha+ to be our new logo. everywhere you go, this is synonymous with the great parts of san francisco. we feel that fleming is an untapped resource for additional revenue. a lot of focus has been on the golf course. the 18-hole golf course has merits. g hopefully you will see the symmetry between the two brands. as we get into a national branding, i thought it was some point to talk about what the brand promises. this is bringing the magic of the pga tour to life. you notice that these brands are very similar.
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they were designed that way so people would instantly recognize +o pga-operated property. we want people to feel that they are experiencing that is the same caliber of property that the pros use. nationally, we want to introduce this as hard in park. when you see the national ad campaign, with the logo and harding park.


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